Pen and Sword Books: Air Battle for Arnhem by Alan Cooper

Air Battle for Arnhem
Air Battle for Arnhem (6 reviews)
by Alan Cooper
Imprint: Pen & Sword Aviation
Found in: Aviation History Books
Battle of Arnhem Books
256 pages
ISBN: 9781781591086
Published: 10 December 2012
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Over sixty years ago a battle took place that, if it had succeeded, could have shortened the Second World war by six months. The operation to take the bridges at Arnhem was given the code name 'Operation Market Garden', Market being the air side of the operation and Garden the subsequent ground operation. The main problem was communications between the ground forces and the re-supply aircraft of the Royal Air Force.

Its their efforts and the courage on evident display at Arnhem that the book is based upon. Over a period of seven days troops of the 1st Airborne were taken by the RAF in towed gliders and then in subsequent days showed courage of the highest order to make sure that the ground troops were supplied with ammunition and food to sustain them in their efforts to take the bridges at Arnhem. Their efforts were costly, 309 aircrew and 79 Air Dispatchers were killed and 107 aircraft, which included the men and aircraft who supported the main re-supply armada.

One of the re-supply aircraft, flown by F/Lt David Lord DFC, was shot down. Lord was later awarded the Victoria Cross. His courage and dedication are exemplary of the efforts of the men of Transport Command to make sure the men on the ground were re-supplied. The men of the Air Dispatchers, or AD's as they were known, must always be remembered when regarding Arnhem. Their efforts to make sure the supplies were released from the aircraft, and on to the besieged men on the ground, was a vital factor in getting vital supplies to the troops successfully.

This is their story, vividly told, and serves a commemorative purpose, memorialising both the events and, most importantly, the men who participated.
Product Reviews
Interesting and informative.
Royal Air Force Historical Society Journal
Interesting and informative.
Royal Air Force Historical Society Journal
The story of the brave men of Air Dispatchers, whose job was to ensure that the troops on the ground were equipped with adequate supplies during one of the most dynamic and pivotal episodes in... [read full review]
Pennant Magazine
This is the story of the brave men of air dispatchers, who's job was to ensure that the troops on the ground were equipped with adequate during one of the most dynamic and pivotal episodes... [read full review]
Airfix Model World
This latest book by Alan Cooper tells the story of the air operation in support of Operation Market-Garden. The operation was described to the air crews before take-off by US General Lewis Brereton, who commanded... [read full review]
Britain at War
This volume records the efforts of the RAD personnel from transport Command who participated in the operation. Also considered are the Air Dispatchers who played a vital role in the re-supply effort. The book is... [read full review]
Dr Stuart Blank, March 2013
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