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Arnhem - The Battle for the BridgesDVD
Arnhem - The Battle for the Bridges (6 reviews)
Market Garden Collection
Imprint: Pen & Sword Digital
Found in: Military DVDs
World War Two DVDs
Series: Battlefield History TV
Running Time: 117 mins
ISBN: 5060247620145
Published: 28 March 2012
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The Battle of Arnhem, fought in the early autumn of 1944, remains without a doubt the most hotly debated battle of the North West European Campaign, both then and now. From its inception in the sixteen canceled airborne operations during August, we will chart the problems, many of which were ignored by men desperate to get into battle, the compromises and mistakes that pitched lightly armed and ill equipped paratroopers and glider infantry into an unequal struggle against an SS panzer troops. We follow the eight mile route that 2 Para took to reach the bridge at Arnhem, slipping through the German defences.

Meanwhile, the remainder of the force tangled with 9th SS Hohenstaufen Panzer Division, whose presence in the woods north of Arnhem had been dismissed as a figment of an intelligence officers’ imagination. The film reaches a finale as 2 Para isolated from the rest of the Division and with the US Airborne and XXX Corps stalled at the Nijmegen Bridge, fights a bitter battle for survival that ultimately ended with the message ‘Out of ammunition. God save the King.’

The Market Garden Collection will continue in Arnhem –Battle of the Woods out later this year.

Double DVD
Product Reviews
This film will be of great interest to modellers, war gamers and people wishing to visit the places where family relatives fought in the tough action
Military in Scale by John Norris
This is an extremely well-packed two hours with contributions form well-known historians. This is a very interesting and well-balanced account of this major operation from World War II which has been superbly condensed to DVD.... [read full review]
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This twin DVD set covers the Garden component of Operation Market Garden.
Experts on the battle assist the presenters who are themselves former soldiers and military historians to cut through the myths and bring... [read full review]

Firetrench Reviews
The most insightful and engaging sections of the DVD are the interviews with the veterans of the campaign, who speak openly and candidly about their experiences in France and Holland in 1944. There can be... [read full review]
Wargamers, Soldiers & Strategy
I have read several of the best known books on the battle, but have never been there, It is an omission I often feel needed to be remedied. This film has achieved the inevitable and... [read full review]
War History Online
Part of a series of films examining various aspects of Operation Market Garden, this superb DVD follows the efforts of the 1st Parachute Brigade to reach Arnhem Bridge and the famous battle fought to defend... [read full review]
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Arnhem - Battle of the Woods
Arnhem - Battle of the Woods
Market Garden Colletcion
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