Pen and Sword Books: Death Was Our Bedmate by Agnes McEwan, Campbell Thomson

Death Was Our Bedmate
Death Was Our Bedmate (15 reviews)
155 (Lanarkshire Yeomanry) Field Regiment and the Japanese 1941-1945
by Agnes McEwan
by Campbell Thomson
Imprint: Pen & Sword Military
Found in: World War Two Books
208 pages
ISBN: 9781781591697
Published: 27 March 2013
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The book tells the story of a little known artillery regiment, the 155th (Lanarkshire Yeomanry) Field Regiment, RA which saw constant action during the ill-fated Malayan Campaign of 1941/42 and whose members later experienced the worst kind of hell as POWs of a cruel and bestial enemy.

Following the Japanese invasion of Malaya, the Regiment fought a brave and resolute rearguard action all the way down the Malayan Peninsular and onto the so called impregnable fortress of Singapore. Held in the highest respect by comrades and foe alike, this former territorial cavalry regiment fully deserved its Royal Artillery moto – Ubigue – 'everywhere'.

In the years that followed, the Gunners slaved, suffered an d died on the infamous Burma Railway, in copper mines of Formosa and camps throughout the Far East. More men of the Regiment died as POWs than fell in action. They should not be forgotten.

Included is a full nominal roll which allows the reader to identify the camp/s where each individual Gunner was held. A Roll of Honour provides the date, place and cause of death and place of burial/commemoration of the Regiment's casualties.
Product Reviews
“The book details the events of the Japanese invasion of Malaya”
“I found the book an inspirational and humbling read.”
Retired Police Officers’ Association
Death Was Our Bedmate was not only an inspirational read but an imprtant and long overdue tribute to the officers and men of a little known regiment,the 155th[ Lanarkshire Yeomanry] Field Regiment RA. I... [read full review]
RPOAS News- the magazine of the Retired Police Officers' Association Scotland
This is an excellent piece of research and places a unit in its complete context.
Society of Friends of the National Army Museum
Tells the story of the 155th Field Regiment, RA which saw constant action during the ill-fated Malayan campaign of 1941/42 and whose members later experienced the worst kind of hell as POWs of a cruel... [read full review]
Forces Pension Society
Anyone with an interest in history and in particular the South East Asian conflict will find this a remarkable, poignantly moving story. A unique book, being the only history of 155 Field Regiment RA. A... [read full review]
The Journal of the Royal Artillery
Included is a full nominal roll which allows the reader to identify the camp/s where each individual Gunner was held.
Britain at War
Death Was Our Bedmate is an inspiring read and an overdue tribute to the fallers and survivors during the regiment's horrific ordeal.
A gem for military historians and enthusiasts alike, this book is a tribute to the fallen and survivors of the Second World War. It recounts the story of the ill-fated 155th Field Regiment, who, after... [read full review]
Scottish Field
A worn and battered, but still beautiful, nine inch crucifix stands proudly in a museum in Kanchanaburi in Thailand, testament to the courage and faith of a Dumfries former prisoner of war.
In 1939,... [read full review]

Dumfries and Galloway Standard
The story of a Scots soldier who was shot, bombed twice and survived one of the bloodiest massacres during World War II has finally been told. Known as the Gunner With Nine Lives. Lance Bombardier... [read full review]
Daily Record
This is a fascinating book guaranteed to enthral and repel its reader. What happened to the men of the 155th (Lanarkshire Yeomanry) Field Regiment in the war in the Far East is enthralling and deserves... [read full review]
Christine Warren, Carluke
Members of a doomed Scots regiment branded cowards after their harrowing Second World War ordeal have finally received recognition for their heroism.
Solders from Lanarkshire Yeomanry 155 Field Regiment were forced to surrender after... [read full review]

Herald Scotland
Two Lanarkshire friends have written a book about the ordeal of a Lanarkshire soldier in a Japanese prisoner of war camp during WW2. Campbell explained: “John McEwan was the catalyst being the writing of ‘Death... [read full review]
Hamilton Advertiser
They became slaves of the Japanese, working in the ‘depths of hell’ amid untold pain and suffering.
The men of the Lanarkshire Yeomanry, 155 Field Regiment were forced to surrender after the carnage of... [read full review]

Daily Mail, Saturday 6 April 2013, Darren Hamilton
Following the surrender of Japan after the attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the war in the pacific finally came to an end and prisoners of war who had suffered so much were finally liberated. read full review]
Wishaw Press
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About Agnes McEwan
Agnes McEwan was born in Lanarkshire in the years following the Second World War, the daughter of a former Gunner with the 155th (Lanarkshire Yeomanry) Field Regiment, RA, John McEwan, who survived three and a half years as a POW of the Japanese. His acclaimed account Out of the Depths of Hell was first published by Pen and Sword in 1999 and is now in paperback.

About Campbell Thomson
Campbell Thomson is a retired senior police officer (Superintendent) who initially joined the local Lanarkshire Constabulary. Despite sharing the same cap badge of the Lanarkshire Yeomanry, he had no previous knowledge of this local Regiment until he read John McEwan’s book. This led to a close friendship with McEwan and a determination that the sacrifice made by the men of this little known Regiment should be told.