Pen and Sword Books: German Capital Ships of the Second World War

German Capital Ships of the Second World War
German Capital Ships of the Second World War (8 reviews)
The Ultimate Photograph Album
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Found in: Naval: Iron & Steel
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432 pages
ISBN: 9781848321434
Published: 2 May 2012
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Few warship types have had as much written about them as the Kriegsmarine’s capital ships – Deutschland, Admiral Scheer, Graf Spee, Scharnhorst, Gneisenau, Bismarck and Tirpitz continue to generate intense interest among warship enthusiasts, despite the fact that no new source of information has been unearthed in decades. What has come to light, however, is a growing number of photographs, many from private albums and some that lay forgotten in obscure archives. These include many close-ups and onboard shots, of great value to modelmakers, and rare action photos taken during wartime operations.

This book is a careful selection of the best of these, but on a grand scale, with around 100 images devoted to each ship, allowing in-depth coverage of its whole career, from launching and fitting out to whatever fate the war had waiting for it. For sake of completeness, there are even sections reproducing the various design studies that led to each class, while an appendix covers the uncompleted Graf Zeppelin, Germany’s only attempt to build an aircraft carrier, the type that during the war clearly displaced the battleship as the capital ship of the world’s navies.

Essays on the technical background and design origins by the well-known expert Siegfried Breyer and explanatory captions by Miroslaw Skwiot draw out the full significance of this magnificent collection of photos.
Product Reviews
This work contains one of the most comprehensive assemblages of photographs of Germany’s post World War I capital ships yet created… sheer mass of imagery, their breadth of coverage, their generally clear reproduction, and the... [read full review]
Nautical Research Journal
As the book’s sub-title suggests, this is very much a book of photographs, with many reproduced at a commendably large and useful size. Many are excellent.
The content was translated from the co-author’s Polish... [read full review]

Marine News
…is a monumental photographic essay with over 100 new photographs illustrating the evolving story of each of the sevens ships. The photographs run from birth to death and are accompanied by a precise illustrated explanation... [read full review]
Journal of the Australian Naval Institute
This very impressive 432-page hardback book covers the subject in a comprehensive and authoritative manner. It contains many new and previously unpublished photographs of these famous ships and covers each vessel in detail from launching... [read full review]
Ships Monthly, Nov 2012
The pictures are well chosen and most are of a very high quality… The detailed pictures will be of great value for the modeller, as well as being of interest to the general reader…
History of War
A stunning 432-page tome entitled 'German Capital Ships of the Second World War ..
A truly in-depth look at Germany's best known Capital ships of the war...
The seven Capital ships are described in... [read full review]

Military Machines International
The book is prepared by two highly respected historians of naval shipping. For the late Siegfried Breyer, the book serves as a posthumous masterpiece. The man knew his stuff. I love the photographs and the... [read full review]
War History Online
These hundreds of photographs, most published for the first time, have been taken from previously unavailable naval archives. They are the reason why the book is a pleasure to own. The sheer quality of the... [read full review]
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