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Historical Fiction

Pen and Sword Fiction is dedicated exclusively to the publication of well-researched historical fiction books. From ancient Rome to the trenches of the First World War, our expanding list includes novels that evoke an array of different historical eras, sure to appeal to fans of this exciting genre. Rich in detail, they place the reader right at the heart of the action, and explore the various themes, ideas, and locations that characterised the times at hand.

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Absorbing account of women's lives in early modern England: how they filled their days, the work they did and how they raised their children; along with accounts of pivotal moments such as publication of the first midwifery guide by an Englishwoman, Jane Sharp, in 1671.

The Bookseller

If you are a fan of the 'what if', or a true conspiracy theorist at heart, you will enjoy this book.

MSC Reviews

What particularly marks this story out as one which should become an epic of First World War aviation stories is the quality of the research that has so clearly gone into the writing and the vivid pictures it paints of a time long past, now beyond living memory. ... It is a great read.


The Lost legend of the Hawk was a total eye-opener. If you like History, carefully researched from the original Latin documents, and transcribed in an entertaining,factional, but totally logical way, read this book. You will not be disappointed.Hopefully, Towton and the amazing battles that changed the face of English history within it`s borders will now get some recognition.


An interesting view of the technicalities of tank warfare.

History of War