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A rare first-hand account of the battle of Kohima in 1944.


Fascinating account.

Guernsey Press and Star

During WW2 the use of Propaganda by both sides was a significant part of the war effort, posters were everywhere with messages of patriotic duty, recruitmen, ,national security and in some cases, calls of paranoia and hatred of the enemy. It would have been difficult during that period for ordinary citizens to ignore them. Some of these posters have even become iconic images in their own right and we still see them in some revised form used as advertising or appreciated as artwork today. This superbly illustrated book features over 200 posters, beautifully reproduced in full colour. Each poster is accompanied by a detailed explanation and in the case of the Axis posters a translation of the text. Some of the posters the reader will be very familiar with,others will be new, but in all cases the creative talents of such names as Norman Rockwell in the US and in Britain Tom Eckersley and Cyril Kenneth Bird(Fougasse) will be instantly recognized. This book is a high quality and wonderfully.. Read more

WW2 Connection