Pen and Sword Books: The Sweeney by Dick Kirby

The Sweeney
The Sweeney (10 reviews)
The First Sixty Years of Scotland Yard's Flying Squad
by Dick Kirby
Imprint: Pen & Sword Aviation
Found in: British History Books
True Crime Books,
Scotland Books
224 pages
ISBN: 9781848843905
Published: 15 February 2011
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The story of sixty years of Scotland Yard’s top crime-busting department has been written over a twenty year period by a former detective who spent over eight years with the Flying Squad – The Sweeney.

The meticulous research by the author has uncovered files never before released by the Yard and he has amassed the tales of bravery and top-notch investigations, carried out by the Squad officers of yesteryear.

The book commences with the dramatic account of the daring gold bullion and jewellery raid in 1948 by a gang of well-organised criminals from the newly-opened Heathrow Airport. The Flying Squad were lying in wait for them and what happened next, was described by a judge at the Old Bailey as, ‘The Battle of Heathrow’.

The Flying Squad was formed to stem the tide of lawlessness, following the First World War; from humble beginnings using horse-drawn wagons, they swiftly progressed to high-speed cars. Taking on the might of the Racetrack Gangs, armed robbers and smash & grab raiders, the Squad was brought to the forefront of the public’s attention.

The war years, the secret post-war Ghost Squad, the horse-doping scandals, the Great Train Robbery, the Bank of America robbery, Supergrasses and corruption are recounted with its scrupulous attention to detail. The book is filled with thrilling, amusing and always compelling anecdotes from the men who were there. It was the Flying Squad who inspired the popular TV series. This book reveals what life was really like in The Sweeney.
Product Reviews
This riveting new book is crammed with thrilling real-life investigations involving the most hardened criminals and gangs.

The Sweeney: The First Sixty Years of Scotland Yard’s Crimebusting Flying Squad 1919-1978, by Dick Kirby, is... [read full review]

American Police Beat
The Flying Squad, Scotland Yard's top crime - busting department have been on some of the most courageous, ingenious and at times unconventional investigations in Britain, unconventional as this was the time before political correctness,... [read full review]
Kate (Customer Review)
Author Dick Kirby , joined the Metropolitan Police Force in 1967 and was described by a judge at the Old Bailey as one of the best detectives at Scotland Yard. He himself a member... [read full review]
Paul (Customer Review)
Dick's book The Sweeney is full of characters, car chases and criminals. From the beginning, he lets the action tell the story. He follows the Squad's ups and downs from it's horse drawn beginnings... [read full review]
Romford Recorder
Dick Kirby’s career with the Metropolitan Police was invariably 100-miles-a-minute, and retirement in rural Suffolk is also being lived apace. His latest book honours Scotland Yard’s Flying Squad.

Dick details its success... [read full review]

Former detective remembers the first 60 years of one of the Met’s most storied outfits in latest book...

An experienced former Flying Squad detective-turned author has been reflecting on the history and achievements of... [read full review]

Police Oricale
Dick Kirby spent half of his 26-year career in the Met with the Serious Crime Squad or the Flying Squad so its exploits and lore are in his bones.

This thoroughly researched and enjoyable... [read full review]

The Express
When people think of The Sweeney they no doubt picture John Thaw in the 70's TV show recklessly policing the street with a firm but fair hand yet not many would believe the show was... [read full review]
JB (Customer Review)
THE SWEENEY is that rare and masterful book that informs and entertains from start to finish. It is compulsively readable and exciting. The chapter on The Great Train Robbery, "the robbery ... [read full review]
Joseph Wambaugh
The sweeney is bursting with superb and ingenious investigational techniques and the author wastes no time in demonstrating them.
Dick Kirby jumps straight in with the first big crimebust, Heathrow 1948 where the airports own... [read full review]

Jeff Bond
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The Guv'nors
The Guv'nors
Ten of Scotland Yard's Greatest Detectives
by Dick Kirby
Foreword by 'Nipper' Read
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About Dick Kirby
Dick Kirby Dick Kirby was born in the East End of London and joined the Metropolitan Police in 1967. Half of his twenty-six years’ service was spent with Scotland Yard’s Serious Crime Squad and the Flying Squad.

Kirby contributes to newspapers and magazines on a regular basis, as well as appearing on television and radio. The Guv’nors was also published by Warncliffe Books and he has further other published works to his credit.

In retirement he lives near Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk
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