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Battleship Bismarck (Kindle)

A Design and Operational History

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By James Cameron, Robert O Dulin Jr, William H Garzke Jr, William J Jurens
Seaforth Publishing
File Size: 71.7 MB (.mobi)
Pages: 610
ISBN: 9781526759764
eBook Released: 15th August 2019


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This new book on Bismarck offers a forensic analysis of the design, operation and loss of Germany’s greatest battleship and draws on survivors’ accounts and the authors' combined decades of experience in naval architecture and command at sea. Their investigation into every aspect of this battleship has taken fifty-six years of painstaking research, during which time they conducted extensive interviews and corresponded with the ship’s designers and the survivors of the battle of the Denmark Strait and Bismarck’s final battle. Albert Schnarke, for instance, the former gunnery officer of Tirpitz, Bismarck’s sister ship, aided the authors greatly by translating and supplying manuscript materials from those who had participated in the design and operations. Survivors of Bismarck’s engagements contributed to this comprehensive study including D B H Wildish, RN, damage control officer aboard HMS Prince of Wales, who located photographs of battle damage to his ship.

After the wreck of Bismarck was discovered in June 1989, the authors served as technical consultants to Dr Robert Ballard, who led three trips to the site. Film maker and explorer James Cameron has contributed a chapter, which gives the reader a comprehensive overview of his deep-sea explorations on Bismarck and it is illustrated with his team’s remarkable photographs of the wreck.

The result of nearly six decades of research and collaboration, this new work is an engrossing and encyclopaedic account of the events surrounding one of the most epic naval battles of World War Two. And Battleship Bismarck finally resolves some of the major questions around her career, not least the most profound one of all: ‘Who sank the Bismarck, the British or the Germans?’

The most iconic of all of the WW2 battleships and possibly the greatest such vessel the world has ever known. I remember reading a book called Sink the Bismarck way back in the 1950s - it is a privilege to relive the era in which the vessel sailed and fought. The question remains, did the British and allied forces sink her, or was she scuppered by the Germans? A fantastic history of a great warship.

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This is a stunning book, chock-full of a staggering degree of information, including a good deal of info on and testimony from survivors and adversaries.

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A Question Of Scale, Seb Palmer

This offering from Seaforth Publishing is an incredible insight into the story of the Bismarck and her demise. The text is well written and does a very good job of telling the story of this impressive vessel warts and all. The diagrams provided help the reader to understand what the text is telling you and are especially helpful when it comes to indicating the damage received. The photographs of the Bismarck and other vessels are great inclusions and well chosen by the authors. The contribution from James Cameron showing the Bismarck on the ocean floor provides the user some idea of the final hours of what it was like to be on the Bismarck the day the war caught up with her.

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The scope and breadth of this title is simply astonishing. It matters not whether you are interested in scale modelling or not, if you have any interest in WW2 then this title makes a huge contribution to the history, facts and narrative.

I have to declare that I’m no specialist in naval matters, not even a naval scale modeller, my interests lie in matters aviation. What is astonishing to me is just how quickly I was drawn into the book, its readability, clarity and style are magnificent. Pick any section and you’ll be absorbed and hooked on what comes next...

This title is, I am bound to say, possibly the best book I have ever seen on any subject – it’s that good in my opinion.

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About James Cameron

James Cameron is a Canadian film maker and deep-sea explorer.

About Robert O Dulin Jr

Robert O Dulin is a graduate of the US Naval Academy and later earned his MS in naval architecture and marine engineering from MIT. 

About William H Garzke Jr

William H Garzke is a graduate of the of the University of Michigan with a degree in naval architecture and marine engineering.

About William J Jurens

William J Jurens currently serves as an associate editor for Warship International.

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