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Hitler's Paratroopers in Normandy (Kindle)

The German II Parachute Corps in the Battle for France, 1944

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By Gilberto Villahermosa
Frontline Books
File Size: 63.3 MB (.mobi)
Pages: 352
ISBN: 9781473847125
eBook Released: 9th September 2019


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In June 1944, Allied forces fighting desperately to establish a foothold in Normandy and then breakout of the confining bocage found themselves opposed by a bewildering array of formations of the German Wehrmacht. Among them were the newly formed German II Parachute Corps.

This gripping new account examines the exploits of Germanys II Parachute Corps and its commander, Eugen Meindl from the Allied invasion on 6 June to the end of August 1944. Meindl was the epitome of the senior German airborne commander in the Second World War. Tough, experienced, and aggressive, he cared deeply for his troops. His Parachute Corps fought stubbornly for three weeks, before being forced to fall back.

Trapped along with the bulk of the German Seventh Army in the Falaise pocket, Meindl and his paratroopers maintained their discipline and were selected by the Commander in Chief of OB West to lead the German breakout to the east. That they managed to do so, despite suffering grievous losses, while so many around them died or surrendered, is a testament to their dedication and fighting ability. Theirs is a story that deserves to be told.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

This is a terrific book if you are researching German paratroopers in Normandy, and especially if you wish to understand where and when the different Fallschirmjäger units fought.

Amazon Customer, Lars Gyllenhaal

As featured on Argunners

Argunners, Christopher 'Moon' Mullins

This is a solid history of the German Paratroops engaged in the Second Battle of France. The paratroops were an elite unit and it is interesting to compare their performance with that of the Waffen SS and the Wehrmacht’s Brandenburgers, who were also elite special forces units – Highly Recommended.

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This excellent book is a compelling and fascinating account of Hitler's Fallschirmjagers in their latter-war role as elite infantry defenders, as opposed to their early-war role of airborne attackers, and more specifically the part played by II Parachute Corps in the Normandy '44 campaign... I loved reading this book, and would highly recommend this to those interested the Fallschirmjager, their leaders, and this period/theatre of WWII.

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A Question Of Scale, Seb Palmer

As featured on WW2 Today

WW2 Today

A wonderfully constructed account of the German Fallschirmjager troops fighting in Normandy. The narrative and sources are excellent and it is well supported by maps and photographs. Essential reading for anybody seeking authoritative details about the deployment of these excellent soldiers in an ever eroding defensive battle.

Michael McCarthy. Battlefield Guide

Michael McCarthy
 Gilberto Villahermosa

About Gilberto Villahermosa

Colonel (Retired) Gilberto Villahermosa is an Army Master Parachutist, Strategist, and Military Historian. He holds Masters Degrees from Columbia University and has authored several books, including Hitler's Paratrooper: The Life and Battles of Rudolph Witzig.

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