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Meet the team: Charles Hewitt

As our 30th birthday month draws to a close – and what a month it has been! – we have a very special ‘Meet the team’ Q&A with our MD, Charles Hewitt.

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Meet the team: Michael Leventhal

We hope you’re enjoying ‘meeting’ our fantastic team! Today we’d like to introduce to Michael Leventhal.

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Meet the team: Philip Sidnell

Throughout August we will be introducing you to some of our great team here at Pen and Sword. Today it’s the turn of Phillip Sidnell (and his dog Milo).

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Meet the team: Jonathan Wright

This month we’re celebrating our 30th anniversary, which seems like the perfect opportunity to introduce you to some of our amazing team. First up we have Jonathan Wright! 

We’re social!

Catch up with Jonathan on Twitter: @jonw23

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Leading the Roman Army

Leading the Roman Army

As part of our 30th anniversary celebrations, we’re offering some of our latest eBook releases to download at the special price of only £3.33 each. Today’s daily spotlight eBook is a Pen & Sword Military title by Dr Jonathan Eaton: Leading the Roman Army – Soldiers and Emperors, 31 BC – 235 AD. Read on to find out more…

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Some Desperate Glory

‘Some Desperate Glory’ by Edwin Campion Vaughan

As the anniversary period for the Third Battle of Ypres begins, Bookbub have featured eBook editions of Some Desperate Glory – The Diary of a Young Officer, 1917 by Edwin Campion Vaughan in their daily special offer email. We’ve compiled a few details and reviews of the book, currently only 99p for eBook download, to let you know why this book is a Great War ‘must read’.

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Guest Post: James Goulty

A Brief Guide to:

The Second World War Through Soldier’s Eyes: British Army Life 1939-1945

In 2016 Pen and Sword published my book: The Second World War Through Soldier’s Eyes. They will kindly be re-publishing it in paperback during May 2020, which will coincide with the 75th anniversary of VE Day.

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Guest Post: Nigel Walpole – A Virtual War

We felt at peace with the world on that quiet Sunday in February 1978 at RAF Brüggen, our biggest strike/attack base in North Germany; there was no sign of life in the four corners of the airfield, each with a squadron of 15 Jaguar fighter-bombers, hidden in their Hardened Aircraft Shelters (HAS). Rows of Bloodhound surface-to-air missiles (SAM) pointed silently but menacingly to the east, but little could be seen of our mobile Rapier SAM squadron in their compound to the west, nor the squadron of Royal Engineers which cared for our infrastructure.

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Author Guest Post: Tim Saunders



Tim Saunders and Rob Yuill both served in the British Army with The Rifles, successors to the Light Division. Since retiring Tim has become an established author, film maker and battlefield guide, while Rob also guides and as a Civil Servant oversaw the Regiment’s heritage and its treasures. Both have a lifelong interest in military history and the Peninsula War in particular. Their two volume history covering the Light Division in the Peninsula War, is a subject that brings regiment and a love of history together.

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5 Fascinating Facts: Robert Dudley

Robert Stedall has written the interesting new book, Elizabeth I’s Secret Lover, which explores the life and influence of Robert Dudley.

Today on the blog Robert Stedall tells us 5 fascinating facts about Robert Dudley.


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