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Author Guest Post: Kate Nicholson

Behind Everest author, Kate Nicholson, attended the Great Gable Remembrance Sunday service 2022 with her husband, who climbed Everest by Mallory’s route back in 2006. At the time that Ruth Mallory was here, on this summit for the dedication ceremony of the WW1 memorial brass plate which is fixed to Great Gable’s summit, her husband George was on his third expedition to Everest. On the very day she stood here listening to the Last Post played at the end of the dedication service on Great Gable, George and Sandy Irvine his climbing partner disappeared. They were last seen ‘going strong for the top’. Ruth, knowing nothing of this, returned home from to Cambridge to await news from the expedition. Eleven days later, on 19th June, she will receive a telegram with the news that he is lost.

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