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Author Guest Post: Ron Turnbull

Since Pen & Sword kindly published my autobiography ‘From The Flying Squad To Investigating War Crimes’ in November 2019 I have been somewhat taken aback by the mostly very positive and complimentary remarks many readers have communicated to me plus the reviews I’ve received. Obviously some were old friends but others unknown to me. The process thus far has been humbling yet rewarding.

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Guest Post: Michael Ford – Hunting the Last Great Pirate

A bit of background as to why I wrote the book

My maternal grandfather, Alexander Kinsey, was one of thirteen children born and raised in a large house in the leafy London suburb of Merton in the 1890s. Around that time, his father – my great grandfather – was a civil engineer by profession and accepted a post to advise on the expansion of the Port of Durban, South Africa. With his wife and brood of children they set sail for the lengthy sea voyage to Durban.

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Meet the author: Darren Franklin

We hope you enjoyed our author article from Darren Franklin about his new book, The Hostage Rescuer. Read on as Darren gives us even more insight into this exciting read!

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Guest Post: Darren Franklin – The Hostage Rescuer

The tranquil, sleepy island of Kalymnos in the idyllic Greek Archipelago, with its bright aqua coloured waters, had suddenly become unpeaceful. A chilling disturbance. Well-fed pigeons and seagulls frantically flew from cosy bars and restaurants. A grandmother screaming like a banshee, a child crying in despair. Security operatives and police hurriedly adhering to their plan, attempting to escape the scene before an angry mob gathered. The island had just been exposed to an abducted child recovery operation.

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Author Guest Post: Dr Jonathan Oates

The North London Murder Enigma

On 4 October 1949 Stanley Setty disappeared. Just over two weeks later part of his body was washed up on the Essex marshes. There was no doubt that his corpse had been dropped there from an aeroplane flown by Donald Hume, a business associate of Setty’s. But had Hume killed him, by stabbing, in his north London flat?

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True Crime: The murder of Elizabeth Ridgley

Today we have a fascinating guest post from Pen and Sword author, Paul Stickler. Criminologist and historian Paul describes the incredible circumstances surrounding the murder of Elizabeth Ridgley in Hitchin, Hertfordshire in 1919 in his newly released title The Murder that Defeated Whitechapel’s Sherlock Holmes. Read on as he offers us a glimpse into the horrors of the murder and the frailties of rural policing just after the First World War. Enjoy!

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