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A Comprehensive Guide to Railway Request Stops

Guest post from author Anthony Hart.

Three of the best.

Journeying around The Britain’s railways in search of request stops, I naturally found some had more of an impact on me than others. Here I offer three of my personal best, one each for England, Wales and Scotland.

Berney Arms, England.

The one that started it all for me, this alone is enough to make it a favourite for me. It does however stand on its own merits. A wonderful location in the Norfolk fens, three miles from the nearest road, and on both my visits glorious blue skies. The only sounds the wind rustling the vegetation, cows mooing and bird song, what better way to pass a few hours.

Sugar Loaf, Wales.

Sugar Loaf is a real delight nestled as it is in the bottom of a valley. A busy A road is only a few hundred yards away but to stand on the platform is to be completely oblivious as to the presence of the road above. Such is the seclusion here that you cannot even hear the cars, just the bleating of sheep on the opposite hillside, and small creatures rustling in the undergrowth. Look up and it is possible catch sight of a red kite gently circling overhead.

Dunrobin Castle, Scotland.

Dunrobin Castle is rightly famous for its amazing ‘Hansel and Gretel’ type station building, which today serves mainly as a small and mostly railway themed museum. Constructed out of timber with incredible skill and artistry (the detail around the doors really is incredible) it truly is a one off. The station is not only a request stop but is only served by trains during the summer months when the nearby castle is open to visitors.

A Comprehensive Guide to Railway Request Stops is available to order here.