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All Posts, True Crime

Author Guest Post: Garry Rogers

“There is nothing more l can add to the conclusions that you already have”

These were the words of the late ex Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police, Sir David Wilmot after l contacted him in 2013. By now we had both retired from GMP and he was the Lord Lieutenant of Greater Manchester.

This was the man who was in charge of GMP when certain senior officers within the higher echelons of the force conspired together to ruin my life/ health/ career whilst they protected a further, ultimately corrupt senior officer.

This was ex Detective Chief Inspector Ken Seddon, later convicted of numerous offences of dishonesty and whose downfall had been placed on my shoulders.

What was my conclusions ?

That there had been a Masonic conspiracy against me within the force and this suggestion had been put to me by two further GMP senior officers further down the line, ex Chief Constable Michael Todd and ex Detective Chief Superintendent Don Brown, then head of the internal discipline department.

Ironically l knew that Seddon was a Mason after l found his apron and dagger in the drawer of his desk and it then transpired that many of those senior officers who protected him were also members of the Masonic lodge.

Before l ever met Seddon my career was going from strength to strength. Having initially served my probation in uniform in the city centre l then progressed to being a member of both the Regional Crime Squad and the dedicated drugs squad dealing with criminals who transcend force boundaries. I was an advanced car/motorcyclist for the force and had notched up a class 1 HGV.

Promotion wise l had successfully completed both the Sergeant and Inspector examinations on my first attempt such was my study preparation for them.

I then became a member of the ‘Omega’ department which was set up to combat the ongoing problem with football hooliganism in the game in the mid 1980s.

I was one of only six full time undercover police officers tasked to infiltrate the hooligan element in particular clubs and obtain evidence to ultimately convict them of their violent and disruptive acts.

To achieve this you were basically de policed, not allowed to mix with other police officers or attend police stations or police courses.

The department was set up by Detective Inspector ‘H’ who l had worked with on the RCS and when it came to undercover work, there was no one better.

‘Omega’ achieved great success and also policed the England national teams home and away games. Spending 5 weeks in Italy during ‘Italia 90’ living among the hooligan elements who had attended the tournament.

Such was the success of the infiltration technique it was decided to utilise it on major crime operations and l was the first u/c officer to be deployed.

Sadly half way through my 6 year secondment ‘H’ left GMP and was replaced by the ultimately corrupt Ken Seddon. From that moment on the ‘omega’ department sadly went downhill.

Previously tried and tested procedures were abandoned replaced by more questionable ones that it could be argued compromised undercover officers engaged in operations where one thing out of place could spell disaster.

Seddon used and abused his position as head of ‘Omega’ for his own purposes.

He allowed his brother and sister in law, who were non police, to live rent free in a covert property meant solely for the use of u/c officers on operations and which was ultimately being paid for by the taxpayer.

This was only one of numerous indiscretions and corrupt practices that Seddon was responsible for and he thought he could basically do as he liked.

We ‘locked horns’ on several occasions and because l would not acquiesce to his new corrupt regime he wanted me out. He could not achieve this on my work as a u/c as my success had continued to grow so he had to utilise more sinister and underhanded methods.

I knew my cards had been marked so l made the decision to covertly record any interactions with Seddon, mainly for my own safety.

Thank goodness l did for on one occasion after he had me in his office on a Friday afternoon he told me my time was up and that l would be moving on. He gave me a week to think about it whilst he was off and to come and see him on his return. This was not the norm for someone in my position as a full time u/c as there was no discussion regarding any re entry programme. I decided to go above his head and, despite the rules went to GMP headquarters on the Monday where l was told l was going no where and would remain in the office.

This went down like a lead balloon with Seddon on his return and he basically ignored me and did not speak. I was heavily involved in a further operation but 2 months later on its conclusion l was called to see Seddon at his office. The appointment time was 2pm but he left me sat outside for 45 mins.

When he called me in to say his manner was frosty was an understatement.

He said “ l have never thought what l was going to do with someone as much as l have with you” and that “to act in haste repent at leisure”. His best line was “ it does not matter who you go to speak too they will always side with me because that’s the way the system is”

This was all covertly recorded. He new l had caught him out in a lie and he had to acknowledge that l was staying in the office but l now fully realised my cards were marked.

Things went from bad to worse and my health suffered which resulted in me going on extended sick leave. Seddons indiscretions were brought to the attention of GMP via an anonymous letter. Seddon was moved overnight and the powers that be then set about trying to identify who had sent it and gave lip service to what Seddon had been doing.

I was blamed for the letter and despite the fact they were wrong, my career from that moment on was over.

My health suffered severely going from 17st to 12st, having tests for cancer and being admitted to the heart care unit. All this time Seddon was being protected and the Force then sent him and his family to Australia as an ambassador for the force, on an anti corruption inquiry. I did not realise it at the time but the affect on my own family was immense.

He was later sent back to the UK for indiscretions and on his return he was arrested. He resigned and was later convicted of numerous offences of dishonesty.

The onslaught against me continued unabated. Commendations l had been due suddenly disappeared and my nomination for the Queens Police Medal was shredded. I knew my career was over but despite my health issues and knowing l had done nothing wrong l doggedly decided to take on the powers that be.

What l went on to discover regarding the lies, deceit and cover up is truly amazing and it all took place within the higher echelons of GMP command.

They even placed a report in my personal file stating l was corrupt and not to be trusted and that l had been subject to an internal investigation. None of this again was true.

My story continues to this day having recently met with Angela Rayner MP after she read my book.

The full story of my downfall at the hands of corrupt and dishonest senior GMP management is contained within the pages of ‘Undercover Policing And The Corrupt Secret Society Within’. Within it l name all those concerned and to date, for some reason have not had one single libel claim !!

It’s the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth !

Order your copy of Undercover Policing and the Corrupt Secret Society Within here.