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All Posts, Transport

Guest Post: Howard Piltz

In this new guest post, Pen and Sword Transport author Howard Piltz explains the inspiration behind his new book Aircraft and Aviation Stamps.

Nana lived within 200 yds of the threshold of runway 24 (as it was) at Ringway or Manchester Airport as we now call it, aircraft ranging from Austers to Hermes would regularly pass her living room window at about 50 ft and I would often want to wander up to the original terminal to watch the aeroplanes- my earliest recollection of aviation. But you would imagine that when, in the spring of 1957 I witnessed the crash of B.E.A’s Viscount G-ALWE onto Shadowmoss Road just round the corner from Nana’s I wouldn’t want see any plane ever again.

Not so, and my interest never waned. I got turned down as a pilot due to lousy eyesight and ended-up as an accountant, which I hated and spent 40 years as a coach driver that often gave me some unexpected opportunities for viewing and photographing aircraft, so my interest flourished.

As for my fascination with stamps my books try to understand the fascination in collecting, possibly a hoarding instinct or simply a fascination for the variety, tremendous artistry or for the few an opportunity for investment, but stamps and transport certainly make strange bedfellows. In my case I started to specialise my philately on transport subjects and you might be surprised at just how many there are, and how many unsung artists have seen their work miniaturised for us all to enjoy and usually for just a few coppers.

You can order a copy here.