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The White Owl Books Craft Series

White Owl Books, a leading publisher for hobby enthusiasts are pleased to announce the
arrival of their new Craft series, covering a wide range of subjects from Crochet and Felt
Making, through to Quilting and Embroidery, for crafters of all abilities.

White Owl Books have teamed up with one of the industry’s leading content creation teams
to produce a beautiful series of books that any publisher would be proud to publish. The
team have previously produced content for one of the leading magazine’s in the craft trade.
Each concept for our series has been extensively evaluated and researched, before the books
themselves are meticulously designed.

The creative team have spent many years working in the Craft industry, following its various fashions, enabling them to carefully select projects which are en vogue and will be exciting to Craft enthusiasts around the world.

Craft continues to grow and evolve and capture a bigger part of people’s interest on a weekly
basis. Recent events have given it an almost overnight boost and there has never been a better time to be involved in the Craft business. Research has found that crafting can alleviate the symptoms of anxiety, depression, loneliness and dementia (Crafts Council) and has fast become one of the most popular creativity activities over the last few years.

The first title in our craft series is Seasonal Plant Dyes, focussing on dyeing fabrics using
plants and flowers in an environmentally friendly way. Modern Rainbow Patchwork Quilts is
a bright and colourful quilting book with projects for readers to try out and have fun with.
The third instalment sees readers undertake sewing skills for the whole family in Sewing
Animal Dolls. Our upcoming titles range from brush lettering to embroidery to soap-making
to crochet, amongst many more. All are dedicated to providing beautifully illustrated guides
for readers in their specialised area of craft. A further 30 titles have been, or are in the process of, being created and by 2021 the list will be publishing in the region of 20 titles a year.

Jonathan Wright, Publisher of White Owl, said:

“We’ve taken our time to put this new area of publishing together for the White Owl list, but
it is an essential part of the jigsaw in our mission, which is to dominate the Hobby Publishing Sector. We are confident that we’ve got the right content, produced here in accessible way and feedback so far has been awesome. I hope readers enjoy this exciting new area for us.”