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Blog Tour – Life in Miniature

We recently took Life in Miniature on tour! We had so much fun finding out what bloggers and reviewers thought of this new release.

We would like to say a big thank you to Nicola Lisle and all of those who took part. Here are some of the highlights…

  • For our first stop we headed over to History… The Interesting Bits. Here Nicola was interviewed by blogger and fellow Pen and Sword author Sharon Bennett Connolly  You can read the full interview here (there are some great pictures too!).
  • Next up was On the Old Barbed Wire who provided a wonderful review of the book. Here’s a snippet of that review “Nicola Lisle’s book is an extremely interesting journey into a world that is affected by the passion of children and adults.
  • Our third stop was with Love British History who gave this fantastic feedback “If you’re interested in history, this book is a really good read, and not only if you like the history of toys or play. It’ll give you an insight into analysing these miniature buildings for clues about the past, whether social or political and you’ll appreciate them as snapshots of life frozen in time.” 
  • For our fourth stop it was over to Daisy Says who blew us away with this review… “This book is an absolute delight, packed full of interesting facts and figures and a selection of truly amazing photographs – it’s worth it just for the pictures alone, in my opinion but of course there is so much more besides those.” 
  • The penultimate stop was with Natalie is a History Buff. We loved hearing what Natalie thought of the book! “Reading this book has been a true delight, and I learnt to appreciate something that I never knew had much value. Thoroughly recommend!”
  • The final stop took us to Lil’s Vintage World who showed off the book on her Instagram story!

Can we start the tour again?! 

Throughout December Pen and Sword Books are offering a 30% discount across the website. You can purchase a copy of Life in Miniature at a reduced price here.