Happy Birthday ‘Robinson Crusoe’ – 300 years old, and still going strong!

The 25th April 2019 marks the 300th anniversary of the publication of Robinson Crusoe. Our new release by Mike Rendell looks at some of the stories which inspired Daniel Defoe – stories of bravery, courage, determination and good fortune. In this guest post, Mike explores the ongoing effect of this unique book. Enjoy!

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Introducing: The Military Legacy Series

Every town and city in the UK has been touched by war at some stage in its past and every instance has left its mark. Our Military Legacy series looks at the entirety of a town’s past, from the Romans (or before) to the present day. It will take readers through the impact of invasions and conquests, look at the price the town had to pay for battles and wars, local and foreign, discuss noteworthy military, naval and aviation figures both past and present, and pay tribute to lives lost. Naturally, some of these aspects will have had a greater impact or have made a larger contribution to the development of the town than others, and so each book will be a unique read.

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Meet the author: D.P. Graham

Today on the blog, we have an exclusive interview with Pen and Sword author D.P. Graham. D.P. Graham has a background in research and is a qualified historian. He has lectured on various aspects of the seventeenth-century Irish Military establishment, as well as its development in mainland Europe and the Wild Geese Irish exiles.

His new book, The Irish Brigade 1670–1745, is available to preorder now.

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