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Author Guest Post: Rosalind Anderson

Meet the Murrays

The Family Behind the Jacobite Rising of 1715

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Empire of Crime

Sir Cecil Clementi, Britain’s drugs-dealing colonial governor

When the British Empire eventually banned its infamous export of Indian opium to China, it created a big problem for its colonial governors who had to look after millions of addicts suddenly denied their daily fix. In Empire of Crime, historian TIM NEWARK reveals that the Governor of Hong Kong, Sir Cecil Clementi, defied London to become the region’s biggest narcotics dealer.

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Author Guest Post: Stephen Hart

As we see the Government considering how to pull out of a national crisis, it is interesting to review how politicians have reacted in the past.

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Guest Post: David Charlwood

Author draws comparison between modern day politicians and Churchill and Eden

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Blog Tour – Ladies of Magna Carta

We’re very excited to launch the Ladies of Magna Carta blog tour with a guest post from Sharon Bennett Connolly. We hope you enjoy following the tour!

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Guest Post: Bruce Hales-Dutton


Who was the first to fly aeroplane in Britain? Was it a) Samuel Franklin Cody, b) Alliott Verdon Roe or c) John Moore-Brabazon?

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Guest Post: Anthony Sullivan – Britain’s War Against the Slave Trade

A Brief History of the Suppression Campaign

As detailed in my new book, Britain’s War Against the Slave Trade, during the course of its sixty year existence the Royal Navy’s West Africa Squadron seized approximately 1,600 slave ships and freed an estimated 150,000 Africans. Costing almost £40 million (£2 billion in today’s money) and the lives of around 2,000 seamen, below is a brief history of Britain’s lengthy but ultimately successful suppression campaign.

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Guest Post: Violet Fenn


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Meet the author: Richard Ballard

Today on the blog we have an exclusive interview with Richard Ballard. Richard’s new book England, France and Aquitaine is out now.

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Author Q&A: Kirsten Claiden-Yardley

We recently invited Facebook users to send in questions they would love Kirsten Claiden-Yardley to answer about Thomas Howard. Read on as Kirsten provides some fascinating answers!

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