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Five gruesome Tudor punishments

Life was often nasty, brutish and painful for criminals in Tudor England, with a host of fiendish punishments dished out by the state to wrong doers, including some new methods of execution dreamt up by King Henry VIII himself! Here James Moore, author of The Tudor Murder Files, looks at five of the most petrifying penalties employed by the authorities in the 16th century…

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Guest Post: Phil Carradice

Bloody Mary – Mad, Bad or Neither?

Out of the many kings and queens of Britain it always seems to be the “bad” ones that we remember most. They are the monarchs who enthral and entertain us, compelling us to read about their activities, their depredations and their misdeeds, over and over again.

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Author Q&A: Kirsten Claiden-Yardley

We recently invited Facebook users to send in questions they would love Kirsten Claiden-Yardley to answer about Thomas Howard. Read on as Kirsten provides some fascinating answers!

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Top Ten Tudor Love Stories: Part 2

We hope you enjoy the first part of Kirsten Claiden-Yardley‘s countdown of the top ten Tudor love stories! Here’s the top five – oh la la!

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Top Ten Tudor Love Stories: Part 1

Here is the first part of the top ten Tudor love stories from Pen and Sword author Kirsten Claiden-Yardley. The Man Behind the Tudors by Kirsten is out now. Enjoy!

In November 1497, shortly after the death of his first wife, Thomas Howard, 2nd duke of Norfolk, married her cousin, Agnes Tilney. Although he was one of the wealthiest and most powerful men in England, his new wife brought no money, land or influence to the marriage. Combined with the speed at which permission was obtained from the pope for the wedding, it is generally believed that this was a love match and they went on to have an apparently happy marriage. Theirs was not the only Tudor love story but, in a world where marriages were important transactions and where affairs could be highly political, not everyone was lucky enough to have such a happy ending. Here is a rundown of ten top Tudor love stories and their aftermaths.

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Margaret Tudor – The Life of Henry VIII’s Sister

Did you know… on this day in 1489 Margaret Tudor, the first Tudor princess was born. Read our guest post from Melanie Clegg  who is the author of the newly released book Margaret Tudor.  

Read on to find out more about Margaret Tudor’s fascinating and eventful life.

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