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All Posts, Military History

New Release: Empty Sky

One moment the sky would be full of aircraft wheeling and positioning for the best shot at the enemy; a sky full of danger and menace. The next instant there would just be a clear blue empty sky with the sun shining down on a calm and beautiful landscape. Such was the phenomenon experienced by pilots who fought in the key battles of France and Britain in the Summer of 1940.

These air battles were certainly the most important ever fought in defence of the country and have deserved the millions of words that have been written about them. However, as the number of surviving veterans dwindles to single figures, interviews with some of ‘The Few’ who actually fought the battle are of increasing importance and rarity. This book tells the story of nineteen men and women who were there.

Here are some clips from the original interviews with some of ‘The Few’. You can find more clips on our YouTube page.

Squadron Leader Doug Nicholls DFC describes his wartime experiences.

Group Captain Dennis David CBE, DFC*, AFC recalls his WW2 experiences.

Flight Lieutenant Hazel Gregory.

Empty Sky is available to order now Pen and Sword Books.