Month: October 2020

Author Guest Post: Jack J Hersch

The Boeing 737 MAX, grounded since 2019 after two crashes took 346 lives, is nearing return to commercial service. But once the jet is back to carrying passengers, should you fly in it? I think not.

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Author Guest Post: Anthony C. Cartwright

Tony Cartwright’s new book was published during lockdown

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Guest Post: Bruce Hales-Dutton


In his Norfolk jacket, stiff collar, tweed cap, gloves and polished brogues with a cigarette permanently dangling from his lips he epitomised early 20th century cool.

But then Arthur Charles Hubert Latham also combined show with go. Pioneer motorist, aviator, big-game hunter, explorer, man-about-town: Hubert Latham was all of these things.

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New Release: Empty Sky

One moment the sky would be full of aircraft wheeling and positioning for the best shot at the enemy; a sky full of danger and menace. The next instant there would just be a clear blue empty sky with the sun shining down on a calm and beautiful landscape. Such was the phenomenon experienced by pilots who fought in the key battles of France and Britain in the Summer of 1940.

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Guest Post: David Charlwood

Author draws comparison between modern day politicians and Churchill and Eden

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