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Author Guest Post: Michelle Rosenberg

Who was Annie Smith Peck?

Top 10 Facts You Didn’t Know about the 19th Century Suffragette and Mountaineer

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Author Guest Post: Anthony C. Cartwright

Tony Cartwright’s new book was published during lockdown

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Leading the Roman Army

Leading the Roman Army

As part of our 30th anniversary celebrations, we’re offering some of our latest eBook releases to download at the special price of only £3.33 each. Today’s daily spotlight eBook is a Pen & Sword Military title by Dr Jonathan Eaton: Leading the Roman Army – Soldiers and Emperors, 31 BC – 235 AD. Read on to find out more…

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Happy 30th Birthday to Pen & Sword!

Happy 30th Birthday to Pen & Sword! We are celebrating by offering an exclusive 30 per cent discount off all of our titles for 30 days, when ordered through our website.

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Author Lecture: Aidan Dodson

Today we have a guest lecture to share from Aidan Dodson. The was originally presented at the Society of Antiquaries on the 12th March 2019.

Topics covered in the lecture are discussed further in the upcoming release, Spoils of War which is available to preorder now.

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Author Lecture: Vivien Newman – The Children’s War 1914-1918

Today on the blog we have another fascinating talk from Vivien Newman. This time Vivien tells us about the children’s war.

You can learn more in Children at War 1914-1918

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Author Guest Post: James Goulty

Today we have a guest post from Pen and Sword author James Goulty, looking at the experiences  of soldiers during World War Two.

The Second World War Through Soldiers’ Eyes is due to be published in a paperback edition in May. It is currently available to order in hardback and digital editions here.

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The Titanic – Remembering the Crew and their Families

Today on the blog, Julie Cook tell us what inspired her to write her new book The Titanic and the City of Widows it Left Behind.

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Author talk: Vivien Newman – International Women at War 1914-1918

In August 1914 a mere 640 women had a clearly defined wartime role. Ignoring early War Office advice to ‘go home and sit still’, by 1918 hundreds of thousands of women from all corners of the world had lent their individual wills and collective strength to the Allied cause.

As well as becoming nurses, munitions workers, and members of the Land Army, women were also ambulance drivers and surgeons; they served with the Armed Forces; funded and managed their own hospitals within sight and sound of the guns. At least one British woman bore arms, and over a thousand women lost their lives as a direct result of their involvement with the war.

In this insightful talk, Pen and Sword author Vivien Newman explores the role of women in the First World War. 

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The Rhine Crossing: Operations Plunder and Varsity by Tim Saunders



23 March 1945

Tim Saunders

The optimism amongst the Western Allies following the defeat of the German armies in Normandy, was dissipated by the failure of Operation Market Garden and the bitter fighting on the borders of the Reich, all of which condemned Europe to another winter at war. In the new year having contained Hitler’s Ardennes offensive and reduced the resulting ‘Bulge’, the Allies concentrated on closing up to the Rhine. In the north, Second Canadian and Ninth US Armies fought through mud and floodwaters to clear the Rhineland’s woods, towns and villages. Their objective was to secure a firm grip on the banks of the, Rhine from where they could mount an assault crossing and envelope the engine of the German war machine, the Ruhr, thus bringing the war in Europe to a close within weeks.

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