Pen and Sword Books: Food Through the Ages by Anna Selby

Food Through the Ages
Food Through the Ages (1 reviews)
From Stuffed Dormice to Pineapple Hedgehogs
by Anna Selby
Imprint: Remember When
Found in: Nostalgia
128 pages
ISBN: 9781844680276
Published: 24 July 2008
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With people's fascination for food increasing, there are more cookery shows and magazines than ever, Medieval banquets are sold-out events and classic recipes and ingredients are back in fashion - which is what this book sets out to explore, highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of each era from Roman times onwards. Anna recreates classic recipes from Epicurius' stuffed dormice to recipes which readers really will want to recreate. Anna explores how trade and improved transportation increased foodstuffs available and reflects on how we're returning to the old-fashioned notion of seasonal foods - just like our ancestors had to do.
Customer Reviews
Anna Selby's enthusiasm for her subject shows as she recounts some of the most fascinating - and disgusting - dishes our ancestors used to eat and how some of them, like flowers, have come back into fashion. I loved reading about the history of food - did you know that the Tudors didn't trust new-found foods like tomatoes as they thought they caused cancer but they loved chocolate and thought it helped to make women pregnant! The authentic recipes are a mix of the must-try and the truly bizarre which makes it a must-buy book for foodies and anyone interested in food and social history.
by Fiona Shoop, 28th July 2008
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About Anna Selby
Anna Selby is a best-selling author of over 20 books, whose Miracle Foods sold over 100,000 copies.
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