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Explorers & Adventurers

P&S History

Pen & Sword’s Discovery imprint is devoted to explorers and adventurers who have sought to extend our understanding of our world and who have - sometimes literally - journeyed to the ends of the earth. On land, at sea and in the air they have dared to test their knowledge, skill, endurance and courage against the most hazardous conditions, and many of them lost their lives while doing so. Biographies, autobiographies, memoirs and accounts of remarkable exploits and expeditions will all be published in this new list which celebrates the extraordinary accomplishments of men and women who were prepared to take enormous risks in order to pursue their passion for discovery.

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From Pole to Pole

Roald Amundsen (1872-1928) was the most successful polar explorer of his era using sledges, dogs, ski and ships. He is mainly remembered for being the first man to reach the South Pole on 14 December 1911. What is less often remembered is that he was also the first man to reach the North Pole on 12 May 1926 as the leader of the Amundsen- Ellsworth-Nobile… Read more...

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Winged Scalpel

In this fast paced narrative, ex-SAS surgeon Richard Villar provides 'a very personal insight into the difficulties, dangers and occasional virtual impossibility of providing medical aid to disaster areas and war zones. He shares his remarkable experiences in the aftermath of three major earthquakes – Kashmir (2005), Java (2006) and Haiti (2010)… Read more...

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Ordeal By Ice

Surrounded by hazardous seas and pitiless ice, Antarctica was first sighted by Europeans less than three centuries ago. Since then, hundreds of ships have voyaged around that continent, challenged by poorly charted waters, storms, pack ice, icebergs and disease. This comprehensive and richly illustrated book tells the story of these ships and the expeditions… Read more...

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Everest & the Conquest in the Himalaya

A century ago the summits of the world’s highest peaks, Everest included, were beyond reach. Pioneering attempts to overcome the dangers of climbing at extremely high altitudes ended in failure, sometimes with disastrous consequences. Yet today high-altitude ascents are frequent, almost commonplace. Everest can be conquered by relatively inexperienced… Read more...

One Man's Climb: A Journey of Trauma, Tragedy and Triumph on K2

A deeply moving story of the beauty and brutality of life, and death, on the world’s most unpredictable and perilous mountain. Sitting just lower than Everest at 8,611 metres above sea level on the China–Pakistan border, the Savage Mountain claims the lives of even the most experienced climbers. Alongside severe altitude, the weather is notoriously… Read more...