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For almost ten long months the opposing forces fought in the area north of Verdun-sur-Meuse in north eastern France. Whilst the Somme is considered by the British to be the worst of the First World War battles (in terms of lives lost and the gruelling nature of the campaign), for the French and the Germans it is the battle of Verdun which has been burned into the collective consciousness.

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Battle of Verdun February 21 - December 18, 1916

The anniversary of the Battle of Verdun is nearly upon us. Have a go at our quiz to see how much you know about the longest single battle of the First World War.

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Fort Vaux

The bitter fight for Fort Vaux is one of the most famous episodes in the Battle of Verdun - it has achieved almost legendary status in French military history. The heroic resistance put up by the fort's commander, Major Raynal, and his small, isolated garrison in the face of repeated German assaults was remarkable at the time, and it is still seen… Read more...

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Aisne 1914

The 1914 Battle of the Aisne, officially from 12 – 15 September, came about as a result of the German retirement from the Battle of the Marne, which took place further south as the huge conscript armies of France and Germany jostled for position almost within sight of Paris. By the time the British arrived on the Aisne the battle line stretched some… Read more...