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Immortalised in the film A Bridge Too Far, the Battle of Arnhem was the conclusion of Operation Market Garden - a bold plan formulated by Field Marshal Montgomery to bypass the Siegfried Line and enter Germany.

Ultimately unsuccessful, the battle is still widely considered a feat of great courage and endurance by the British 1st Airborne Division. Pen & Sword Books have a wide range of titles covering this famous battle of 1944.

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Nothing is Impossible

Battle is the severest test a man can be called upon to undergo; it can bring out the best in a man – and the worst... The author of this book, Victor Miller, joined the Queen's Royal Regiment, at Guildford, upon the outbreak of the Second World War. He volunteered for the elite Glider Pilot Regiment upon its formation and passed, with above average… Read more...

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Captured at Arnhem

Tom Hicks' story begins when he joins the LMS straight from school and follows his early life on the railways in the 1930s, through enlistment, training as a paratrooper, wartime service, imprisonment and his return to the LMS as an engine driver. Tom volunteered for war service in 1939 and was initially placed in the military railway of the Royal… Read more...

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Captured Memories 1930 - 1945

In this sequel to his successful first volume Peter Liddle brings his years of Oral History experience to the Thirties and the Second World War. He was the founder/Director of a new archive in 1999 specifically dedicated to the rescue of evidence of the Second World War which now documents the lives of more than nine thousand people in that war. Many… Read more...


Following on from BHTV's earlier film in the Market Garden series on the story of Hell's Highway, the series reaches the battle to seize the great Bridges over two of Europe's largest water ways; the Maas and the Waal at Nijmegen. Here the 82nd US airborne were, as elsewhere, denied coup de main attacks to seize the bridges by the air commanders. While… Read more...

Arnhem - The Battle for the Bridges

The Battle of Arnhem, fought in the early autumn of 1944, remains without a doubt the most hotly debated battle of the North West European Campaign, both then and now. From its inception in the sixteen canceled airborne operations during August, we will chart the problems, many of which were ignored by men desperate to get into battle, the compromises… Read more...

Hell's Highway: Market Garden Collection

Montgomery's brainchild, Operation Market Garden, was designed to end the war by Christmas 1944 and clear away Hitler's V weapons from the North Sea Coast. Following the collapse of the German Army in Normandy and its flight back across northern France, it seemed that a bold move to seize the three major and numerous other waterways across Holland… Read more...