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A Dictionary of the World's Watercraft
From Aak to Zumbra
The Mariners Museum
A Social History of the Navy 1793-1815
Michael Lewis
A Visual Guide to Flags of the World
Vicki de Kleer
BP Tankers
A Group Fleet History
Bill Harvey
Book of the Sea
Aubrey De Selincourt
Breaking The Chains
The Royal Navy's War on White Slavery
Tom Pocock
British Admirals of the Napoleonic Wars
Contemporaries of Nelson
Peter Le Fevre
British Warship Losses in the Ironclad Era
David J Hepper
Buckley Class Destroyers
Bruce Hampton Franklin
The Life and Death of Hitler's Spymaster
Michael Mueller
Captain Bligh and Mister Christian
The Men and the Mutiny
Richard Hough
Captain Bligh's Second Chance
An Eyewitness Account of his Return to the South Seas by Lt George Tobin
George Tobin
Chronology of the War at Sea 1939-1945
The Naval History of World War Two
Jürgen Rohwer
England's Sea Fisheries
David Starkey
Falconer's Universal Dictionary of the Marine, 1815
William Burney, William Falconer
Fiddlers and Whores
The Candid Memoirs of a Surgeon in Nelson's Fleet
James Lowry
Ill-Starred Captains
Flinders and Baudin
Anthony J Brown
Life in Nelson's Navy
Dudley Pope
Lords of the Lake
The Naval War on Lake Ontario, 1812-14
Robert W Malcomson
Marco Polo
The Story of the Fastest Clipper
Martin J Hollenberg
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