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A Nation in Arms
Ian F W Beckett, Sir John Keegan
was £21.99
Balkan Blue
Major-General Sir Roy Redgrave
Britannia's Daughters
Stuart Mason
British Regiments at Gallipoli
Ray Westlake
was £19.95
Endure No Makeshifts
Some Naval Recollections
Henry Leach
Facing Armageddon
Hugh Cecil, Dr Peter Liddle
was £35.00
Heydrich Henchman Of Death
Charles Whiting
Malta Convoys
David A Thomas
My Fathers Son
Earl Haig
Nelson at War 1914-1918
Roy Swales
Shell Shock
Anthony Babington
was £19.95
The Art of Military Deception
Mark Lloyd
The Hood Battalion
Leonard Sellers
The Last of the Cockleshell Heroes
Bill Sparks
The Soldier's War
Dr Peter Liddle
The War of the Motor Gun Boats
One Man's Personal War at Sea with the Coastal Forces, 1943-1945
A J Chapman
was £19.99
Wellington The Beau
The Life and Loves of the Duke of Wellington
Patrick Delaforce