World War One Aviation

As seen in the Ross Gazette.

Ross Gazette

The author...has admirably handled a wealth of information to capture an element of the First World War that could be overlooked in this centenary year...Superb photos accompany the accounts.

Blackmore Vale Magazine

Norman Franks is one of the reliable historians we are lucky to have and he pops up here with a genuinely charming and engaging photo album of the Great War aces. ... This is a wonderful book. As ever, the accompanying text does the business in support of a genuinely beautiful collection of portraits and snaps of aces from across the conflict.

War History Online

No enthusiast's library of WWI or aviation histories will be complete without a copy of this book.


A most readable account of what it was like to serve with the guns on the Western Front. Written by someone who was there, indeed Boyd was awarded the MC for recovering two guns during the great retreat in March 1918. When first published in 1930, Robert Graves was moved to say "If I had to name the best record of Western Front fighting I should, on the whole, chose Donald Boyd's 'Salute the Guns' as the one that has dealt most faithfully with the most difficult to recall of all its aspects - contemporary morale". Need one say more?

Bulletin - Military Historical Society