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 Alexander Filjushkin

Alexander Filjushkin is the author of five books, published in Russia in 1998-2007. His articles have been published in Russia, USA, Germany, Ukraine, Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Greece. He is a member of 'Composite Author of the German Encyclopaedic History of Baltic Lands', and the Program of studies of Polish and Russian Historical Memory (in cooperation between St. Petersburg University and Wroclaw University).

Alexander has worked hard for an insight of the epoch of Ivan the Terrible, bloody tyrant, in libraries and archives of Russia, Germany, Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine etc. He has discovered many new documents about Ivan the Terrible and his military policy and visited the battlefields of main fighting's personally.

Today Alexander Filjushkin is working in St. Petersburg state university. He is a Head of the Department of Slavic and Balkan Studies of the Historical Faculty. Ivan the Terrible is his first publication to be released in the United Kingdom.