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Anna Meens is a PhD candidate at the University of Amsterdam. She has participated in multiple survey and excavation projects in Greece and Turkey as a pottery specialist (for example the Boeotia Survey, the excavations of the Halos Archaeological Project at Magoula Plataniotiki in Thessaly). Her main research interest is the ancient countryside (in the Classical and Hellenistic period), for which survey ceramics are a particularly useful source of information. In her research she attempts to characterize ancient Greek rural households through patterns of pottery consumption. Besides working on rural landscapes, she also studies pottery from city settlements: she contributed to the forthcoming volume about the Boeotian town of Hyettos (with Vladimir Stissi) and currently examines ceramics from the city of Koroneia. She has also written about the Classical and Hellenistic sites in the Valley of the Muses and on the Cycladic island of Keros, both awaiting publication.