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Charles Markuss was born in 1952 in Bolton to an ethnic German mother and a Latvian father, speaking German as a first language. He has a BA Honours in German and International Politics, and an MSc (Econ) in Strategic Studies. A keen war-gamer since his teenage years, his interests include medieval warfare, heraldry, ballistics, and the performance of twentieth century air, sea and land weapons systems. He worked as a researcher, consultant and scenario designer on the celebrated Advanced Squad Leader tactical board war-game system, and has written articles in the producer’s magazine that discuss the historical performance of armies and their weapons that explain how and why they are simulated in this game system. He has also written articles about Panzer Leader and Submarine, and reviewed a number of books on military history. In addition he has done voluntary work for the Bovington Tank Museum, captioning some of their many photographs of French, German and Axis minor powers’ world war two vehicles, and generally exchanging information obtained from other sources with fellow historians and military museums. He has assisted a number of authors with technical research and editing, including Mike Reynolds, Paddy Griffiths, Ian Daglish and a number of Pen & Sword’s other authors. He now lives in Bridgend.