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DAVID DUKER has held a life-long passion for the generation of people who overcame the huge challenge of the Second World War. From a young age he has been captivated by the many stories of human endeavour, with his particular fascination being on the subject of the Battle of Britain. In 2010, this passion led him to form a close association with the wonderful Kent Battle of Britain museum, and also inspired him to meet, and talk to as many of his heroes as possible. He was fortunate to have forged a close friendship with Flight Lieutenant Bill Green who served with 501 Squadron during the Battle of Britain and considers him to have been one of the most impactful mentors of his life.Today, David works tirelessly to promote the legacy of this remarkable generation and founded the Tally Ho Project CIC – a social enterprise dedicated to sharing the many life-changing lessons that can be found within the story of the Battle of Britain. To support this work, he published his first book Rise to the Challenge in 2021. For more information, please see: www.tallyhoproject.com. The project's patreon page is: www.patreon.com/teamtallyho