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Born in New York City, Eric Lee has been a social-democratic activist and historian for decades. He began his career working at the United Federation of Teachers and the Textile Workers Union of America, and he founded The New International Review, a quarterly journal of democratic socialist theory and analysis, in 1977.

In 1981, Lee moved to Israel, living and working on Kibbutz Ein Dor, where he began programming, and lecturing at the Givat Haviva Centre. He published his first book, Saigon to Jerusalem: Conversations with Israel’s Vietnam Veterans, in 1991. 

Since then, Lee has published on a number of different topics, including The Labour Movement and the Internet (1996), The Experiment: Georgia’s Forgotten Revolution in 2017 and Operation Basalt : The British Raid on Sark and Hitler's Commando (The History Press). Lee is currently based in north London, working as an author, journalist and political activist.