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Born in 1910, Hugh Mallory Falconer was the son of a Presbyterian Minister who was elected Head of the Presbyterian Church in England. His mother was born in Hanover whilst her father was aide de camp to one of Queen Victoria's younger sons. He learned French at a Lycee in France then went to Cheltenham College, a major military public school.

Frustrated initially in his wish to be a professional engineer by his mother, who thought that only a military career was suitable for a gentleman, he nevertheless found that the wireless skills he learnt in the Royal Signals and the French Foreign Legion were invaluable when he applied to join the Special Operations Executive.

Post-war, he was placed in the British Zone in Germany, first reorganising German Passport Control, then doing another (unspecified) job in Hanover until 1952. Back in the UK he returned to his profession in the cement industry. From then on all his contracts were abroad in India, Pakistan and Iran. His job took him to Afghanistan, Kashmir, Bangladesh and many other parts of the world.

It was during a two-year contract in Zambia, whilst visiting South Africa and Rhodesia, that he and his wife decided to settle there. He died in Rhodesia in January 1980.