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Japan & the Pacific Front

By Campaign/Battle

In March 1945 the German submarine U-234 sailed for Japan with a top-secret cargo of advanced weapons and electronics in…
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Jocks in the Jungle

In 1943, there was no thought of good times for two battalions of Scottish soldiers. For them, India meant a new and unimaginably arduous kind of training. Some of the Black Watch boys had seen action in Somaliland, Crete and Tobruk. Some of the Cameronians had fought the Japs in the Burma retreat. Even for these, such training was trial by ordeal.… Read more...

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Japan's Last Bid for Victory

Robert Lyman's deep knowledge and understanding of the war in Burma, and the great battles at Kohima and Imphal in 1944, are well known. In this book he uses original documents, published works and personal accounts to weave together an enthralling account of some of the bitterest fighting of the Second World War. Not only does he use British sources… Read more...