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John Harte was an investigative journalist in Britain who now writes books in Canada on how recent history impacts our lives today. His investigations were focused in particular on the two extreme political regimes - Communism and Fascism - that caused the global crisis after the Russian Revolution and civil war in 1917-1923. He observed the rise of the Nazis in Germany while growing up in London during the Battle of Britain. He visited postwar Germany in 1949. Two years later he discovered a plot to take over Britain by the former leader of the British Union of Fascists, Sir Oswald Mosley. He spent a year traveling across the British Isles to create a dossier which was presented to Parliament. The ensuing scandal prevented Mosley from making a political comeback and ended his career.
John also travelled to Zagreb to study Communism in Yugoslavia from Tito’s youngest partisan, and returned to Croatia years later during its war of independence. He spent some years living in South Africa and observed the apartheid regime. He also observed the war of independence in Mozambique (formerly Portuguese West Africa, now Maputo), More than five of his books have been published so far, and two more are scheduled for publication by Pen & Sword in 2023.