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John Lewes is the nephew and biographer of Lt. Jock Lewes (Jock Lewes Co-Founder of the SAS, published by Pen & Sword Books, 2000) and has completed a novel on love, betrayal, fanaticism and loyalty at the start of World War 2. The inspiration for the story is based upon the author’s uncle, Lt. Jock Lewes. The hero of the story, Jock Steel, is recruited by MI6 while a team of traitors are monitoring him from within both MI6 and MI5. A fictional account of the inception of the SAS will be part of the story, strongly based upon fact and the unpublished archive of the first SAS records made by Lt. Jock Lewes (see notebook below). The novel, 'A Spy After All', is a great adventure story based on truth, and will be published in 2017. Registering interest in these two SAS books will soon be possible on www.jocklewes.co.uk and on www.aspyafterall.co.uk

In 2012, John Lewes opened the new SAS War Diary Display at Airborne Assault at IWM Duxford. The author still holds the very first SAS notebook which is currently unpublished. See a picture of the front cover of the first notebook with the first SAS plans and jottings by Lt. Jock Lewes. A few years before, the author spoke at the Unveiling of the Jock Lewes Memorial at an army base in Hereford. His Royal Highness Prince William unveiled the magnificent bronze statue of Lieutenant Jock Lewes. The author was a Flying Officer in the RAF Volunteer Reserve (VRT) and is an Honorary Member of the Welsh Guards Association.

John is also the author of'A Spy After All' (based partly on the biography of Jock Lewes) visit: www.jocklewes.co.uk

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