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Jozef Mols was born in Antwerp on May 28, 1951. He studied applied economics with emphasis on marketing, consular sciences and economics of Third World Countries. At the end of his studies, he organized an expedition with 26 co-students (economics of the Third World Countries) to Turkey, Iran and Afghanistan. Subsequently, he lived in the Persian Gulf as an analyst and visited Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, Saoudi-Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, and Oman on assignment. Afterwards, he continued the same work but based in Paris and, subsequently, Rome. In 1987, he returned to Belgium to start teaching at several institutes for higher education. Upon this return in Belgium in 1997, he continued to teach. In 2002, he retired from education and starts a full-time career as a writer and speaker at several conferences (tourism, economics, international politics).

Jozef Mols started writing magazine articles in 1973, after an expedition in Afghanistan he guided in 1972. His articles were published in travel magazines. Due to appointments in foreign countries, writing articles for magazines ceased between 1975 and 1994. He later began writing aviation and travel related articles in travel, lifestyle and aviation magazines including: Pilot Club (Poland, defunct,) Airliner World and Airports of the World (Key Publishing), and, currently, Aviation News (Key Publishing), Piloot en Vliegtuig (Eisma Business Media), and Ambassadeurs (Dynamoo Press)."