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Mel Ayton has a master's degree in history from Durham University and is a former US Fulbright Teacher, deputy principal and college lecturer. He has worked as a historical consultant for the BBC, NBC News, National Geographic Channel and the Discovery Times Channel. Ayton’s books and articles have received praise from numerous media outlets including Fox News, The Michael Medved Show, The Peter Boyles Show, The Daily Express, The Daily Mail, USA Today, The New York Observer, TIME magazine, The Pittsburgh Tribune, The New York Post, Israel’s Haaretz newspaper and George Mason University's History News Network. His work has also been favourably reviewed by leading true crime authors Max Holland, David Aaronovitch, Gus Russo, Dan Moldea, Mark Olshaker, John Douglas, Professor John McAdams and Harvard Professor Emeritus Alan Dershowitz. In December 2011 California’s Deputy Attorney General, Jamie Fuster, requested Ayton’s assistance in preparing a brief challenging Sirhan Sirhan’s claim that he is innocent of the murder of Senator Robert F. Kennedy. The California courts eventually dismissed Sirhan’s request in 2015.