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Brigadier Naseem’s association with the Pakistan Army and it’s premier intelligence agency, Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), spreads over four decades (1969-2010). Besides full-time regimental soldiering in an elite Self-Propelled Artillery regiment of Pakistan army, he served with ISI for more than two decades. His career in the army and intelligence grew side by side all along these years, giving him ample opportunities to experience the best in both the fields during peace as well as in combat operations.

Brigadier Naseem’s career in the field of Security and intelligence started as a field intelligence operative assigned to highly sensitive roles in the organisation and gradually grew in rank and appointments to shoulder higher responsibilities at national and international levels. Incidentally, his multiple tenures in ISI coincided with some extraordinary security related developments in the region, with far-reaching fallouts on Pakistan’s national security hypothesis. Most significant amongst these major events, have been the Russian invasion of Afghanistan (1979 - 1989), the Afghan civil war (1990 - 2001) and subsequently, the incident of 9/11 which completely altered the international security patterns, particularly in South Asia. It is important to note that these developments in Afghanistan had direct bearing on Pakistan’s national security, and therefore, had dragged its complete security apparatus, in this theatre of war. Handling of unending security issues with India has been amongst his routine areas of responsibilities.

Brigadier Naseem is considered as one of the few hardcore intelligence operatives known as authentic witnesses to some of the most critical military developments in the region during past few decades. Fighting the war as an invisible warrior for nearly 23 years; making surreptitious break-ins, operating under a tornado of live bullets, sneaking out required intelligence from enemies strong holds while denying the same to the opponents, has been his story that makes him exclusive to listen.

Additionally, a golden opportunity to serve Pakistan as a diplomat abroad for almost three and a half years in Dubai, helped him broaden his outlook on major geo-strategic and geo-political manoeuvrings in the region and at international levels, particularly in the field of security. This opening also helped him to understand how international relationships are built, maintained and even exploited by the vested interests, to gain the benefit of the circumstances.

Brigadier Naseem’s post-retirement venture in Private Security industry in Dubai, UAE as an entrepreneur for last about nine years, has been a great support and temptation for him to successfully continue his security-related work.

The book by itself, is a reflection of his strong professional background in security and intelligence work, with an absorbing narration of military history of South Asia, with particular reference to the security challenges for Pakistan.