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Nicholas A. Veronico is an award-winning author of more than 40 books on military, transportation, local history, and art history subjects. Most recently, he served as public affairs officer for NASA’s Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (known as SOFIA) – a highly modified Boeing 747SP fitted with a 106-inch diameter infrared telescope used for astrophysics research. He was a crew member on 79 airborne science missions. His most recent books include Air Force One: The Aircraft of the Modern U.S. Presidency (with the late Robert F. Dorr), Pearl Harbor Air Raid, and D-Day: The Air and Sea Invasion of Normandy in Photos.
Veronico has co-authored three previous books on military aircraft storage including Military Aircraft Boneyards (Zenith Press, 2000), AMARG: America’s Military Aircraft Boneyard (Specialty Press, 2010), and Boneyard Nose Art: U.S. Military Aircraft Markings and Artwork (Stackpole Books, 2013).
Jim Dunn and Nicholas A. Veronico have collaborated on several publications in the past, including Giant Cargo Planes (Motorbooks Intl, 1999), 21st Century U.S. Air Power (Motorbooks Intl, 2004), and Boneyard Nose Art (Stackpole Books, 2013).