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Richard Siegert was born in 1922, in the small German town of Auscha (Kreis Leitmeritz). In 1941, he joined the Wehrmacht and trained as an infantryman and armoured vehicle driver in the 108th Panzer Grenadier Battalion. During Operation Barbarossa he fought on the frontlines in the Vitebsk region (now Belarus) and was injured on Christmas Eve 1943 after his vehicle was hit by a shell from a T-34 tank.
Following the German retreat, he found himself in Poznań and incorporated into the Festung’s (fortress) garrison, where he became the gunner of the only Tiger-type tank left fighting in the city. After the surrender, he spent 4 ½ years in Soviet captivity and later wrote down his memoires as a keepsake for his family. They were first published in 1986 under the title Posenkämpfer.
Richard Siegert died in February 2012.