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Ronald Koorm is a published author in codebreaking and a lecturer in related subjects of military intelligence. He researched codebreaking satellite stations which supported Bletchley Park and had a book published in 2020, (Backing Bletchley-The Codebreaking Outstations from Eastcote to GCHQ), largely on Outstation Eastcote, one of several codebreaking outstations. The research carried out then, together with subsequent research after publication, has enabled the author to facilitate writing the Glossary in a series of books.

As a retired Chartered Building Surveyor, Ron Koorm has written technical publications on other subjects and writes articles, blogs and lectures on a wide range of topics including military history, and inclusive design. In 2019 he gave a talk on the 75th anniversary of D-Day at the Battle of Britain Bunker Museum at Uxbridge, on codebreaking and how it influenced D-Day. He has also lectured at Bentley Priory Museum, Headstone Manor Museum, and Universities on military history, including Support systems to intelligence operations, and Fake News-Or how to deceive the enemy during WW2. The author has been in contact with several Ex-Wrens who operated codebreaking machines at outstations during WW2.