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Dr Stephen Quick is a Lecturer/Assistant Professor at Rabdan Academy in Abu Dhabi, who has been based in the Middle East for over a decade. He obtained his PhD. from King's College London in 'War Studies', and his employment history includes service the UK Armed Forces (Royal Naval Officer), role in managing delivery of the United Arab Emirates's (UAE) 'Al Bayariq' national schools programme (the forerunner of the country's National Service Programme) and at the UAE National Defence College (NDC) as a Support Manager and Faculty Member. His publications include: The Dhofar War; British Covert Campaigning in Arabia. (Exeter University Press, 2024).

Publications: 'The United Kingdom's Military Return to the Gulf and Regional Security (National Defence Security Journal 10, 2023; 'The First and Future 50: Reflections on UEA Development (NDSJ 9 2022); Arabian Peninsula Histories: The 1962-67 Civil War in (North) Yemen: A Historical Perspective (NDSJ 6 2019); Arabian Peninsular Histories: The Dhofar War in Oman (NDSJ 559 2018 'Can Piracy Be Defeated Soley by Effected Policing and Criminal Justice Systems? (Nation Shield Journal 550, 2021; The Dhofar War; British Campaigning in Arabia (Exeter University 2024 - -see below for Competiton.