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Broadmoor Revealed receives great feature in the Daily Mail

18th June 2013

Broadmoor RevealedIn Broadmoor Revealed, Mark Stevens uncovers what life was like for the criminally insane, over one hundred years ago. From fresh research into the Broadmoor archives, Mark has uncovered the lost lives of patients whose mental illnesses led them to become involved in crime.

"Historian Mark Stevens, author of a new book on Broadmoor, says: ‘It was built not just to house these people but to try to rehabilitate them. And the Victorian doctors were surprisingly compassionate. Today, Broadmoor houses many of Britain’s most high-profile criminals, such as Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe. The Victorian regime seems somehow gentler by comparison.

Stevens, through his access to archives at the Berkshire Record Office, has researched the fascinating stories of the patients."

Daily Mail

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