This is a fascinating book that is valuable for several different reasons - as a view of life in the Soviet Union, for its account of the fighting over Korean, often dominated by the American view and as an account of the first battles to be fought between jet aircraft.

History of War

BHTV hit upon an excellent format, matching historians with battlefield guides and re-enactment groups, filming on location and providing a high quality of filming.


What a fascinating book this turned out to be! For the first time, through the many letters and instructions that passed between them, we are given a glimpse into the personal emotions and thoughts of several of the key figures involved in this war. The work is well presented and readable and if you are an enthusiast, or student, of the Anglo Zulu War, then i believe this book is a thoroughly worthwhile read and its wealth of contemporary material puts it into the collectors' category.

Dave Sutcliffe, Secretary of the Battlefields Region Guides of Kwa-Zulu-Natal

Urban gives a careful and highly readable survey of the highways and byways of18th century warfare, with an enjoyable and arresting emphasis on the individual's experience of war.

John France

David Karunanithy has produced a meticulously researched and documented account of the workings of the Macedonian army. Not your standard discussion of organisation and deployment, this splendid and scholarly work tells us virtually everything we are capable of knowing about armament, training, logistics and the personal aspects of what the author aptly calls The Macedonian War Machine. For the author this has clearly been a long labour of love, and the results are stunning. Karunanithy's book is an essential guide for all serious students of military history and warfare in the age of Alexander.

Professor Waldemar Heckel, University of Calgary