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The ancient world is an exciting period for military history. Full of epic battles, desperate sieges and the exploits of great generals whose fame has survived the intervening millennia - men like Alexander the Great, Hannibal and Julius Caesar. Pen & Sword's rapidly expanding Ancient History book range aims to provide well-researched, full-length studies covering the history of warfare from the earliest armies to the fall of Rome and the Rise of Islam. Analysis of armies, narratives of campaigns, battles and sieges and biographies of individual generals - it's all here.

Alexander The Great Rome

... gripping narrative...full of dramatic events, battles and great figures.

Black Country Bugle

Such a study as this is a welcome addition, and will prove useful to those interested in all aspects of Roman history, not just the enthusiast of Rome. The book is well written and ultimately succeeds in engaging both the academic and popular reader. Overall, a fascinating read that I highly recommend, and indispensable to anyone interested in Roman Britain.

Ancient Warfare Magazine

This lively and though-provoking read instills a new appreciation of the wheels of history.

Current Archaeology

An outstanding, eminently readable and enjoyable book.

Soldier Magazine

Detailed, scholarly and meticulously researched from first sources. It is not only a convincing story, but a highly entertaining read for non-academic readers who may only have considered Mark Antony through the prism of Shakespeare, or the Augustan stories that have had a remarkable durability through the centuries. Mark Antony's reputation may be considered rescued.

Fighting Times