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2005 World Expo
A Figure International Portfolio
Auterlitz, 1805
The Battle of the Three Emperors
Battle of Corunna, 1809
Third Historical Re-enactment
Roman Naval Warfare in History and Diorama
Chasseurs à Cheval of Napoleon's Guard
Deutsche Luftwaffe
Uniforms and equipment of the German Air Force 1935-1945
was £60.00
Folkestone 2004 - A Showcase of Figure Master Works
Frequently Asked Questions about techniques used for painting cars and motorcycles
Juan De Dios Catena, Juan Jayos
G.A. Custer to the Little Big Horn
Steve Alexander
Hannibal's Army
Carthage Against Rome
How to Paint Fantasy Miniatures
Professional techniques for Fantasy Figures
Inside the Allgemeine SS 1925-1945
La Grande Armée
Introduction to Napoleon's Army
Leon Rampante 2006
A Showcase of Figure Master Works
The History of the Famous Spanish Articulated Figure
Medieval Knights
The Age of Chivalry
Napoleon's Army 1790-1815
Painting Indians
A Complete Guide to Converting and Painting American Indians in Miniature
Plastic Toy Figures Made in Spain 1948-1978
Juan Hermida
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